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Wholesale site membership registration guide

hello. It's a luoyang mother-in-law.
Previously, orders were placed through ECOUNT CS orders and chat.
From June 1st, please use the URL shared below.
We will guide you on how to order and notes.

Please note that this is a pilot operation and is subject to change in the future.

Wholesale site

​Membership Information

1. If you attach a copy of your business registration certificate through the Luoyang Mosa Kakao Channel , we will notify you after confirmation.

​2. If you request approval through the consultation chat room after registering as a member through the link above, approval will be completed after the verification process.

3. After approval is complete, you can access your registered ID and order.

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How to order

1. Login - Top menu - Enter the product page to purchase
After selecting the color (color number) and quantity, you can pay through [Buy Now] .

2. Payment method
Credit card ( tax invoice not issued ) /  virtual account ( tax invoice not issued when applying for cash receipt )
There are two ways to pay.

3. When paying by Escrow (virtual account) , please be sure to check the text below.

** When purchasing with a virtual account **
Please check the checkbox that says [Apply escrow (purchase safety) service]. If you purchase without checking, it will take a long time to get a refund.

주문 방법

Issuance of tax invoice / In case of purchase with virtual account (cash receipt not requested)

1. A tax invoice can be issued upon completion of delivery.

2. Direct issuance of tax invoices for each order is also possible.​
ORDER (Order History Inquiry Page) in the top right menu - [View Details] - Bottom [Issue Tax Invoice]
You can apply for issuance of a tax invoice after entering your information through .

​* Please note that it may take some time from application for tax invoice issuance to verification.

발송 전 안내

Exchange/addition/cancellation notice before shipment

If you want to change the quantity or exchange for another product after placing an order, you must cancel the entire order and place a new order.
If you put the product in the [Cart] and pay it before 15:00 (Luoyang Co., Ltd.'s scheduled delivery time for bulk delivery)
Same day shipping is possible .

Please note that orders placed after 15:00 will be dispatched the next day.

상품 수령 후

Information on exchange/return/refund after receiving the product

You can apply within 10 days of receiving the product.
However, if the product has been used or the label is damaged and the product value is lost, exchange/return is not possible.

​If you paid with escrow (virtual account), it takes 1-2 business days for the refund to be processed.

​에스크로(가상계좌)로 결제하신 경우 환불처리 금액은 영업일 기준 1~2일 정도 소요됩니다.

문의사항이 있으실 경우

평일 09:00 ~ 17:00   /   낙양모사 카카오채널

문의하시면 도움드릴 수 있도록 하겠습니다. 


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