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Since 1960


A pair of socks found in Egypt dating back to around 300 BCE is believed to be one of  the first knitted fabrics

in human history. Knitting, in the course of its long history, has evolved beyond the source of livelihoods to hobbies, design, education, and more.

Nakyangyarn in 1960 (a sketch based on descriptive records)

Nakyangyarn in 1960 stood firmly like a strand of fiber in the long history of knitting,

providing yarn to mothers who knitted at home to support their families.


In the 1970s, with the advancement of the textile industry and mass production, the need for handmade clothes dropped dramatically. Kim Jong-sik, who inherited Nakyangyarn from his father, however, saw the value in the

old-fashioned form of knitting and decided to focus on domestic production. He followed his plans and offered

a wide range of products to the market.

Nakyangyarn has preserved the values and identity spanning three generations. In 2010, we recognized the need

for change and decided to move away from the traditional offline distribution network. With a bold and innovative mindset, we embraced new approaches to redefine knitting yarns as the 'ORIGINAL' products of South Korea.

Meet Your Knit

​The final production stage of Nakyangyarn products lies in the hands of the creators.

It is through their skilled touch that our products are transformed into works of art,

marking their ultimate completion.

Our marketing focuses on supporting the activities of creators, nurturing their ideas,

and ensuring their artistic boundaries are protected.

9creators is one of the projects that is designed to reflect our principal by supporting

various activities through partnering with creators.

Nakyangyarn creates possibilities through diverse collaborations,

and maintains open communication with you. 

As we hold your hand, we will always be there by your side.

This is not merely a slogan of Nakyangyarn,

but is the core of our business philosophy.

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