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Since 1960


The first human knitted fabric was a sock discovered in Egypt, believed to have been around 300 BC.

Knitting with such a long history has been extended from the handicraft industry responsible for the family's livelihood to the current hobby, design, and education.


1960 Luoyang woolen yarn (This is a sketch based on the description.)

In 1960, Luoyang Wool Co., Ltd. established itself like a strand of fiber in the history of knitting that has been as long as a thread, and supplied the yarn to our mothers who were knitting as a home-made handicraft.


In the 1970s, when it was no longer necessary to make and wear clothes due to the development of the textile industry and mass production, CEO Kim Jong-sik, who inherited Luoyang woolen yarn from his father, paid attention to the analog charm of knitting and decided to produce it in Korea rather than making a variety of knitting yarns. It has been localized and distributed.

In 2010, Luoyang Wool, which has maintained its value and identity through management for three generations, started to change by breaking away from the marketing that had been adhering to the offline distribution network, abandoning the existing development method and developing Korea's knitting thread through bold and challenging development. We are trying to redefine it as an 'ORIGINAL' product.

Meet your knit

The last production stage of Luoyang wool products is the hands of the creators. When our product is turned into a work of art in their hands, that is the moment our product is finished.

Our marketing is to support the work of creators, to support their ideas, and to protect their territories.

9creators is one of the projects that support various activities through collaboration with creators reflecting our values.

We create possibilities through various collaborations and try to communicate with you.

When I hold your hand, Luoyang Woosa will always be on the low side.

Meeting your knitting.

This is not a simple slogan, but the management philosophy of Luoyang Mosa.

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